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63,000 is off the scale for wellness

What Joanne,  a GP who spoke about ‘wellness’ followed up with us..

Dear John ,

 It was lovely to meet you last week at the Aged Care Steps Master Class.

I am about to send through to you your scan result and am now following up as promised with some information about the scan and what it means.

The BioPhotonic Scanner has been developed using Nobel Award winning scientific principles.

It uses what is called Raman Spectrometry to measure the carotenoid antioxidants in the skin.

Carotenoid s are found in coloured fruits and vegetables and the level of them in your skin correlates directly with your general nutritional status.

 Levels are lowered by:

 * Poor diet * Excessive exercise * Stress * Illness * High or very low BMI (being overweight or very underweight) * Excessive sunlight * Cigarettes * Alcohol and * Poor absorption of nutrients.

 Levels are increased by

 * High intake of quality fruit and vegetables, * Balanced, high quality, nutritional supplements, * Improving digestion and absorption * Managing stress * Limiting exposure to environmental toxins and pollutants

 Scan scores range from 0 to 100,000. This image shows you the range and what influences your score more graphically. Your score is neither diagnostic nor predictive but it is very accurate.

It will vary at different times depending upon your lifestyle and the factors mentioned above


And then

Dear John

Congratulations on taking the first step towards a healthier lifestyle!

On 03/15/2016, you had your palm scanned with the Pharmanex® BioPhotonic Scanner.

Your scan returned a Skin Carotenoid Score of 63,000.

This score represents the current carotenoid antioxidant level of your skin.

The higher the score, the better carotenoid antioxidant protection your body is building.

This in fact was ‘top of the class’ of about 30 & why are we so ‘well’?


What Joanne  then wrote

‘Before reading further, I ask you to ask yourself this question... if I keep doing what I have been doing, how do I expect my health to improve without changing anything?

And .... how much am I prepared to invest in MY health and wellbeing for the future of myself and my loved ones? If you realise that your health is less than optimal, and that it IS valuable, then maybe it is time to do something about it....

In my practice, I like to see scores above 45,000 as much as possible. This IS achievable with dietary modification, weight management and supplementation particularly.’

So, I leave you with all this information to digest.

 When Joanne read our 63,000 score she told the remaining attendees waiting to be tested to not bother.

When we told her what we used she replied ‘of course.

63,000 is off the scale  for wellness.


We must add that in the relevant comparative guideours’ scored 97.8 compared to ‘hers’ = 28.1


We also were advised recently that our health insurance premiums are increasing from 233p.m. to 259p.m.   that is a 11.6% increase

the rule of 72 indicates that 72 / 11.6 means that our health insurance premiums will be double in 6 years            

Will our income double in 6 years? NOT when we are retired.

As health has EVERYTHING to do with our wealth then to be ‘top of your wellness

 contact us today before you forget on 07 3848 1088 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or through our websites


John McAuliffe


A 50,000 fee?

A 50,000 fee?

We met David for the first time this week & he mentioned that 12 years ago  he had had a worker’s compensation claim.

The accident occurred at work whilst sharing an 80Kg load with one other.

 As he was the taller of the two & they went some distance then the following day the back pain started.

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A sneaky Taxx

A sneaky taxx was the phrase we heard yesterday at our Professional development day.

Let’s provide a very simple example.

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104 today

It was on the school run that we heard that someone was 104 today.

So the family comments ‘ they must have been alive in WW1.’

Yes & some would have been your age that went of to WW1.

Did they return &.I reflect on how I would be if that  tragedy was to occur to us.

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John McAuliffe Financial 'Caddy' & Adviser & Enabler.

As my father taught maths for 40 years then as others do I followed in his footsteps. I did teach high school maths for 13 years as I traveled & taught in 4 countries.

As many teachers do I wondered what it would be like working in another field.

I plunged into financial services which those days meant a manual rate book & my first sale was a 100K life & TPD cover & the premium was 33P.m. & fortunately the client Michael didn't need the cover which he kept for 20 years.

The best years in my life have been in the last 15 years as I have been the limousine driver for the family & dropped them off & picked them up most days of the week.

This has given us all to have great chats both ways as we are sitting side by side talking from the serious to the ridiculous.

I am also harking back now to our maths teaching & helping the family with their maths study when asked. The basics haven't changed & we all feel good when a small or big answer is found.

So for 34 years I have been sitting side by side with clients & assisting them solving their financial problems incrementally. I have over the last few years been helping them with a simple test.

'What would i do if it was my financial problem'?

Yes we are a very small business & so we like to look after the little guy as i am one. i have always been non aligned which is aligned to my political views of non aligned and libertarian. note our dealer is not owned by any institution & we avoid all the big boys whenever possible.

I still enjoy teaching & every teacher wants their student to pass.

Yes more often.

Ps Our 'wellness' is a core belief of ours as great health is a core need for all.


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