John McAuliffe AFPA, AFA, DipFp., BSc., DipTeach. (Premier Wealth Coach & financial strategist, Brisbane, Australia.)

"Did you know that the average Australian carries more debt [367,000] than ever before, and that is only set to increase in the future? If you didn't know that? Nor did I. Debt is the 2nd most contributing factor leading to adult depression and sadly suicide." - J. McAuliffe.

John McAuliffe has understood and acted on these important trends for many years. He believes that the financial situation in Australia is scary [e.g. debt levels, retirement capita, the financial cost of ill health, etc.] needs to be addressed by solid professional skills and practical education.

John understands exactly how to make money for his clients. If financial matters are not your strong point, it makes perfect sense to let someone with the right knowledge put your plan together.

Someone who understands the challenges you face and has "been there, and done that".

Here is a brief snapshot of John's career with comments & quotes by John himself. It will help you fill in a few of the blanks before perhaps you decide to meet him in person…

John started his career in quite a conventional way - as a high school Maths teacher!

"John likes to solve your problem", Tony T. Brisbane.

He remembers spending long hours at work each day with little (if any) spare time to think about his future. "When I wasn't teaching, I used to worry about how I just wasn't getting ahead financially."

My Super contributions would not keep me out of the poor house in the future. "It was a very worrying time for me and my family", John remembers. "At least I was good with numbers - that gave me a head start when I finally decided that 'enough was enough'."

The time had definitely come to start helping myself and my family." Whenever I could justify some spare time, I had my head in a book about finances. For months on end, I learned all there was to know about the stock market, about the various kinds of investment funds, about rental properties, about taxation, not to mention insurance. You name it. If there were courses available, I attended them." This was around mid-1984.

"Most people find these subjects boring, but I loved them! And, to my surprise, I discovered that I was actually very good at them! Although I didn't realize it at the time, by taking the time to learn about financial matters, I had in fact discovered a passion for building wealth, a passion that continues strongly to this day."

Urged on by family, not to mention a few friends who approached me for advice in those crucial early days, John decided to follow a career in the financial services industry.

"I earned the qualifications necessary to become a financial planner, but I believe I was also helped by the fact that my enthusiasm attracted a stream of eager clients!"

When Paul Keating left office and the superannuation laws changed forever, one thing was painfully clear to John. Superannuation, the pension, and the odd 'investment properties' are simply not enough to secure your future.

This is especially true if you want to retire on an income that will allow you to maintain an enjoyable lifestyle.

"If you remember nothing else from my story, please remember this: 'It costs ~$2 to pay out $1 of private debt & ~$0.50 to pay out $1 of deductible debt.' A $1, which in the future, will be very scarce & valuable is also an equally scarce & valuable today."

"If you find your rates & medical insurance expensive or unaffordable today, how will you manage tomorrow on retirement? Or will you be able to afford the 2nd great Australian dream? Do you want to be better off than your parents are & at an earlier age?"

Approximately 30 years ago, John decided it was time for a second change.

A teacher at heart, he felt the need to not only help people plan their futures, but help them to understand what he was doing and why. That's one of the important reasons why John's approach is different and truly unique.

John is an expert at recognizing key trends and teaching his clients how to take advantage of them. It has produced some big payoffs for his clients. He says, "a unique feature of my service is that clients can look back over the years, and in just minutes, measure their own financial progress - that's something they haven't been able to do previously."

By 2010, making the right financial choices was more complex than it has ever been. John says:

"I have always earned my own reputation by being friendly, upbeat, and honest. That's why, like many others, you can trust me to make the right decisions while working alongside with you."

More often than not, these are decisions Clients may not have had the time, the right information, or the security-in-mind with confidence to previously do."

"We reach out to people."

John McAuliffe

John Michael McAuliffe AFA, DipFp., BSc., DipTeach.

John is a Premier Wealth Coach & Financial Strategist. John McAuliffe Authorised Representative No.238629 of The Financial Link Group Pty Ltd