Hey there John,

Anyways, yes, we have some small actions - I have asked my mother to move out of Mt Ridge, now I am doing a few odd jobs to fix the place up for renting - hopefully ready by end of Aug / Sept.

Am STILL working on my June BAS - naughty naughty - it was due 28/07, but our accountant tells me I have a week or so to get it to her.

We have put the feelers out to sell Tamborine with an agent, so fingers crossed.

Good to hear that Richard and Marilyn are going to catch up with you soon.  I do hope you can work your magic with them.

By the way, it must have been a fluke, but the only way I found you, was googling on the internet for life/income insurance way back when - now look what you are doing for us !!

Must be karma - everything happens for a reason I suppose.

Have a nice day - it's freezing here !


After being with his program for twelve months I was quite amazed to see that it was all working & that the paperwork explaining the system made sense. I am shocking at sticking to a budget but our tax is reduced & we have paid money off the principal loan for our home. It is definitely working for us.

The services we have received from John & the bank have been unbelievable.


It has been the best thing we have ever done including getting married.

Thanks John,


We should have seen you 10 years ago.

Malcolm & Deborah

We purchased a Ute on Friday the 13th (hope that's a lucky one) using the moneys from the investment account that was setup as part of the program. The whole process is very streamlined and super easy to achieve.

Once again thank you for a great program and making our money work for us.

Carl and Lianne B.

Some years ago John put a plan together for us, which enabled us to buy a business. Since then we have built an investment property which we are now looking at selling as we are not happy with the worry you have with a rental property. With John's package we don't have to worry about rent being paid and repairs and maintenance which invariably will have to be done. Overall I can't recommend John highly enough.

We have reduced our home mortgage by some $9000.00 in approx 4 months, well on the way to paying the loan off in 5 to 6 years. I feel a lot better in knowing that our finances are being better managed and are looking at some home renovations this year.

What I see long term for us as a family is a more comfortable retirement due to the investment plan John has put in place for us.

We can definitely see light at the end of the tunnel as a result of the package John has put in place for us. A position we have not been in before. John is helpful and willing to talk to us at any time and as a result of this we feel we are far more in control of our life than we have been for years.



l have found that the PCMS has allowed me to pay off my house loan in four years instead of the 11 years l was looking at. During this time l also purchased a new car.

l am now able to use the plan to continue the growth of my portfolio so that l have increased financial security for retirement. This has allowed me flexibility to decide my future work i.e a choice of when l retire and the choice to work part time.

l have made plans , using the system that allows me to meet future financial costs like weddings.

l am extremely happy with the growth of my portfolio. l could not have done this on my own. l feel that l have a choice in deciding my future direction and plans.


Since we started this new system, my mortgage reduced in my A account by $20k (less than 12 months). The spending control through a constant allowance into a different account is very helpful in keeping us committed to our budget.

We purchased an investment home and made $50k net profit after 3 months and have now relocated to Bundaberg where we are now purchasing an investment property where we will setup our investment / allowance strategy again, where I expect the mortgage to be paid down rapidly over a 3 – 5 year period.

The margin loan system John setup for me is also producing steady gains, so I have recently doubled my monthly investment to improve the growth rate. Tax savings have been significant with a tax cheque of $20k last year. I feel in control of my finances for the first time in my life. I have had a high income since my early 20's but am only now able to see significant positive improvement in my equity to debt ratio.

John provides good advice based on my risk profile and keeps me solidly grounded when I tend to be bullish in my investment intent. John's advice has always been beneficial and I find his availability by phone and email to be very helpful in re-setting plans as life evolves.

I am happy to recommend John as an excellent partner to build a positive financial future.



My wife and I have been using John McAuliffe's services for approximately 5 years which in this time we have significantly reduced our home loan and increased our investment portfolio. The process and structure used for wealth creation is easy to understand, simple to follow and increases the transparency of your finances. It uses a balance of risk mitigation, leveraging, regular discipline activities, regular updates on the markets, regular one-on-one for monitoring, and regular rewards (i.e. dividends) for motivation. This is all done taking into consideration of your goals and your risk appetite.

While it would be expected that this would be expected from any financial institution, what sets John McAuliffe from other service providers is:

1. We always meet for lunch and dinner before discussing business creating a relaxed atmosphere; John is very aware of the going-ons in our life.

2. Each meeting is used for lessons, we are often invited to seminars or lent books etc.


I have been off since August last year with a back injury. ( L5 damage and prolapsed discs ) My back/hip came out and gave my spine a big jolt. That was the start of it. The worst pain I've ever felt in my life. Just as well you convinced me to take out the insurance with Zurich in 85.

Zurich have been very good. It first happened on 21/may last year. I went to a chiro and he put it back in and I had the rest of week off.very sore and sorry etc. A few weeks later I tripped over an object left below eye level, which aggrevated condition nastily and then beginning August it got worse resulting in GP's Ct scans Chiro etc etc etc. On claiming cos I also sent a long report chronicling events. Even tho they don't normally pay until 30 days after seeing a GP, they paid me from June 22 or there abouts , which I thought was excellent. I do things very carefully these days, with a careful eye to the potential of popping more discs and not wanting to aggr the 3 already damaged.



Truly amazing! I feel so very proud that Derek is doing this for us! And of course it is wonderful experience for him. Still lots of finishing off – we're not at lock up yet as the outside walls have not yet gone on. But another week or so should see us there.

And all of this could not have happened without YOU. Thank you so very much for helping us to achieve something that would have previously been impossible.

Kind Regards,

Robyn B

My wife and I have been dealing with John for the past 6 years. Prior to coming to see him we felt that we were getting nowhere fast with our finances. All our money seemed to be disappearing and we really needed to do something to get on top of our mortgage. We had tried a rental property but it seemed to cost us more and we weren't getting any advantages out of it. After listening to the PCMS program and how to reduce our personal debt while at the same time building some investments for the future we decided to give it a go.

Six years later we now have our personal debt paid off while at the same time growing a sizable share portfolio along with some other assets. It hasn't been a struggle and we have also managed to do some landscaping to the back yard and some home improvements (insulating house, water tank, and painting).

Our first child is entering high school next year and we are now in a better financial position and able to afford to send her to the private school of our choice. We are also planning an overseas holiday which we listed as one of our goals 6 years ago. With the plan our finances have never looked better and it has given us the direction we needed to build a better life for the family.

It may cost to get good advice, however it is money well spent. John is always available for a chat and to answer any queries we may have. He's there to help us rather than simply wanting to sell us something.

We have no hesitation in recommending him to any of my friends or family.


Roger & Donna

We've experienced improvements in knowing how to control your spending & what extra within program improvements to your life have you made e.g. renovations, trips. The good thing about the spending is that you know you have a certain amount to live on each month and you can budget accordingly. The program has allowed us to undertake renovations and add a deck to our house that I know we would never have been able to afford otherwise.

There have been overall long-term benefits to your family. Increased value in house, more living area, front deck with views of the city- a place we want to enjoy living in after all our hard work!

Improved feeling of financial control & how your portfolio has grown & there is light at the end of the tunnel. We were very concerned about out retirement as we knew we would not have enough super, having only been in super funds since our move to Queensland in 1989. We do feel more in control of our financial future now and hope that we might be self-sufficient in retirement. It's great to get the quarterly statements and see how our portfolio has grown.

It is reassuring to know that John McAuliffe is only an email or phone call away and we can ask him anything we are unsure of or need clarifying. The twice-yearly more formal meetings are also extremely helpful and help to give us a clearer picture of where we stand.

We originally went to see John to see how he might help our son but ended up joining this program ourselves. It was a huge step for us to take this "leap of faith" but know that by doing so we now have a chance to more enjoy our retirement.

We can honestly say that the day we met John McAuliffe was a turning point in our life.


Since commencing the PIMS program at the end of December 2006, my wife and I have achieved the following;

1. By the end of May 2007, we had reduced our mortgage by $4700 (from an initial balance of 145k). Note, it took us 3 years to achieve the same result before we were introduced to PIMS.

2. At the end of August, our mortgage was almost back to its original balance BUT we had also paid off a $10,000 HECS debt.

Prior to starting the PIMS, my wife and I were going nowhere financially, even though we had an investment loan and bought shares. Since commencing the program, we very rarely argue about money, have clear financial goals to aim for and have realized that we can survive on a limited allowance each month.

Concurrently with reducing our mortgage, we have almost tripled the money used for investments.

John frequently emails relevant financial stories to his clients which I find very informative. In addition to this, he requires clients to do homework each month. This not only assists John in seeing our improving financial position, but also provides my wife and I the opportunity to see these changes as well.

This program requires discipline, however since there is no easy path to financial independence and wealth creation, I feel a few short years of financial discipline will be well worth the reward.



Dear John, I've written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users.

John is highly capable and works hard to add value to his clients. He is a good communicator and stays current in his field. Very trustworthy. Achieves good outcomes, manages risk well." Service Category: Financial Advisor Year first hired: 2008 Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity


John Is an experienced and highly skilled financial advisor qualified to give value for money financial advice focussed on assisting clients in a variety of personal and business needs. I recommend John to anyone requiring help in the area of financial planning and wealth creation.


In the time that I have known John he have always been very upfront, honest, direct and too the point. His personal approach to his clients is outstanding, particularly in a time where technology can sometimes overrule the personal touch. Johns enthusiasm and unique approach make it very easy to recommend working with him.


John Michael McAuliffe AFA, DipFp., BSc., DipTeach.

John is a Premier Wealth Coach & Financial Strategist. John McAuliffe Authorised Representative No.238629 of The Financial Link Group Pty Ltd