A 50,000 fee?

We met David for the first time this week & he mentioned that 12 years ago  he had had a worker’s compensation claim.

The accident occurred at work whilst sharing an 80Kg load with one other.

 As he was the taller of the two & they went some distance then the following day the back pain started.

After that all the financial pain started. 

The very brief outline that David gave us was that he went to some big firm in  town & he ‘won’ 150,000 as compensation. 

The big firm he then paid 50,000.

This enabled him to pay off a mortgage but then he had to move to a cheaper suburb & have 6 years of it appears depression.

His partner left him.

David in fact is a refuge & now a proud Australian & he has his grandmother & parents down in Sydney.

Now we recall way back when Colonial agents were found selling policies to those who could hardly read.

Changes were made then  & continue to be in financial services.

We wonder if these big No win & we fight  fair & all those ****should have the same scrutiny.

Others might call it unconscionable conduct.

Of course Workers compensation only covers accidents at work & not illness or lifting a weight at home or elsewhere.

So Bruce who we just spoke to who has just had biopsy of lymph nodes would Not  be covered.

Bill* an arborist who asked for a claim form on Monday this week is self employed & has his own income protection.

That covers accidents & illness & 24 hours & worldwide & taxx deductible.

Now that makes sense.

David need not from what we can gather have paid out 50,000 to *****.

It probably was a simple workers compensation claim or a TPD claim under his superannuation.

We are very pleased to observe that David accepts all & has a purpose to help others through similar events.

He did comment that he wished he knew of us 12 years ago.

We have just driven the family for the written driver’s license test.

We observed & commented  driving there on the smash repairs, on the ambulance that we allowed through & the police outside the room.

All too relevant.

Yes sir.





John Michael McAuliffe AFA, DipFp., BSc., DipTeach.