What can we do as financial advisers?

What we are paid to do.


People suffer crisis all the time.
We’re human.

Some are visible, capturing the headlines and seemingly stopping the whole world - the coronavirus.

For many a few months ago, it was the fires. For many more,it is still the drought.

But like the common flu kills more people, so too the common crisis. The real ones that don’t make headlines which can maim or even kill our confidence.

When families break up.

When health is lost.

When life seems out of control.

When tragedy strikes.

When livelihoods are threatened.

When depression takes hold.

When trusted relationships fail.

When we have less capability to recognise our best next steps,when our own complexities outweigh our confidences, we need advice.

That’s why most financial advisers became advisers in the first place to advise & dedicated to serve their clients through the crisis of confidence life throws at them, however minor or major.

Now, more than ever, these times serve to remind us of the value of advice.

What do you reckon?

JIM writes10/3/20

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John Michael McAuliffe AFA, DipFp., BSc., DipTeach.