What if??

we read     Australian cancer rates to soar by 2040

• 9:57AM February 1, 2018

The number of Australians either living with cancer or who have survived the disease is expected to soar to nearly 1.9 million by 2040.

When I am asked what did I do last year then the very first thought is

 ‘where did I travel to?’

When I reflect  on my best moments & memories it always ‘where did I go to?

The family had recently commented that the piano was out of tune.

This meant that the already booked appointment with Gerard  would be worthwhile.

Do you make good use of it? Gerard asks.

 -endless the work needed around here. I have free labour me at moment but that won't be forever.


This was an email today from Richard* a very good friend & my age & who is almost as fit as I am.

His house has an awesome  seaside view & downsizing would be a huge emotional decision.


I have just enjoyed a seminar entitled downsizing & rightsizing was introduced.

 It was a seminar for all those who are downsizing but in particular those who may be looking at retirement villages, aged care & that later chapter in our lives.

As it is the summer of tennis & the family enjoyed a day at the Brisbane International then here is a post I wrote some summers ago.

Why does Lleyton ‘reside’ in the Bahamas?

Com’on’, ’ Com’on’

I have at present the offer to take some more shares in a public company at a very reduced price through a ‘rights’ issue.

Yes I have been buying shares since a very good friend’s father introduced us to the concept of shares 36 years ago.

In those days there was not a book in the library on those as I went to find out more about shares.

We have just today had a local real estate Agent drop in six example of Case Studies that he has sold.

So let’s off the top of the head comment on six of our recent Case Studies

I just had an email from our rental agent who says

Hi John

I carried out an inspection at the property yesterday and I will report as follows:-

Reward the Good

Hi John. Your post today really struck a chord with me.’….I have shared your post’.

I have just today started to read again Psycho- Cyberetics which I recall being given to read some 32 years ago.

When I posted a thought on ‘When Giants were upon the Earth’ after The 12th Planet had been recommended by Mr. T * as a prerequisite for Ancient History then

 I had feedback from

                Chris who said ‘That's the Niburu guy’

John Michael McAuliffe AFA, DipFp., BSc., DipTeach.